Special Visit From Survivor of DV and former Resident at the Emergency Shelter, Deputy Joe Mendoza!

by Oct 20, 2015News

Special visit from Survivor of Domestic Violence and former resident at the Emergency Shelter, Deputy Joe Mendoza! This past Christmas, Deputy Mendoza delivered toys to our shelter and it jogged his memory. He knew he stayed in a shelter with his mother when he was in the first grade, but he did not know where. When he walked through Su Casa’s doors, the memories flooded back. He shared his family’s story of enduring domestic violence and their survival included a stay in our shelter. Now, a grown man and a deputy, he wanted to share his experience with other survivors and show the children that things can get better. He and his partner visited our shelter last week. Greeted by posters created by the staff and children, he spoke with the residents, shared his story, and even took the kids for a short ride in his police cruiser! Thank you Deputy Mendoza for being an amazing example of not just survival, but also growth, resilience, empowerment, and love. We look forward to your next visit!

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