Mila’s Lemonade Stand

by Aug 19, 2021News

Mila Alfaro, 4 years old, was given a summer “bucket list” by her teacher to complete before school started in the fall. One of the items on the list was to have a Lemonade Stand. Mila and her mother, Eliana, quickly went to work and reviewed a number of charities to donate the Lemonade Stand proceeds. Mila liked the mission of Su Casa and the plan was put in motion. 

The Alfaro family set up the Lemonade Stand and let Mila’s charm take over. Soon between the Lemonade Stand and on line donations, they were ready to make her donation to Su Casa and came by the Administration Office with a check for $773.69. 

We thank Mila, her parents, and all those who made this donation possible. 

She also got to check off a second item on her bucket list – “Do A Good Deed.”

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