Southern Glazer’s
Wine & Spirits
Holiday Gift Drive 2021

Make This Holiday a Memorable One for Families Escaping Domestic Violence

For so many seasons, Southern Glazier’s Wine and Spirits has given the gift of love to families escaping the darkness of domestic violence. For many in Su Casa’s domestic violence shelter, this could be the first family holiday free from fear and violence. Su Casa is asking you again to ensure that this holiday will also be one filled with love.

Southern Glazier’s Wine and Sprits has partnered with Su Casa – Ending Domestic Violence to provide Thanksgiving Dinners and gifts & holiday cheer to families who are in need due to escaping a relationship racked in domestic violence.  With your help, we we can provide a special holiday for our families that they will never forget.

To create a safe way to provide these gifts, we have created an Amazon Wish List for each family in our Emergency Shelter. Each box to the right will take you to the gifts the family has put on their wish list.

Su Casa provides domestic violence services, counseling, and shelter to over 200 victims and their families each year. Most come to Su Casa from a crisis situation and usually with only the clothes on their backs making gifts at this time more important. This could be the first holiday without the threat of domestic abuse.

Donations or Gift Cards can be mailed to:
Su Casa – Ending Domestic Violence
3750 E. Anaheim Street, suite 100
Long Beach, CA 90804

For more information, please contact:
Dean Lockwood 

(760) 218-0018


Alvarez Family
Mom, 3 year old girl, 8 year old girl,

Brewer Family
Mom, 15 year old boy, 10 year old boy, 5 year old girl

Coral Family
Dad and 15 year old boy

Davis Family
Mom and 8 month old girl

Earnest Family
Mom, 16 year old girl, 8 year old son, & year old girl, & 2 year old girl

Fuentes Family
Mom, 11 year old girl, & 6 year old girl

Green Family
Mom, 4 year old boy, 9 year old girl, & 12 year old girl

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