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You Can Help Create a Special Holiday for Families Escaping Domestic Violence

For the past 15 years, Teradata has partnered with Su Casa – Ending Domestic Violence to give the gift of love to families who are in need due to escaping a relationship racked in domestic violence.
In past years, the Teradata team went gift shopping and bought household goods, clothes, and toys to brighten the holidays for our families. This year, with the Covid_19 pandemic effecting how we shop, we needed to do things a bit differently.

Please consider these three ways to give this year to make the holiday bright. All items should be delivered to Su Casa by December 20 to allow us to prepare them for the families.

1. Donate Cash – Follow the link to the right to make a direct cash contribution. Your donation will be credited to the Teradata Holiday Drive and will be used to buy holiday gifts for our families.
2. Gift Cards – Su Casa can redeem gift cards for items to meet specific needs of our families for the holidays and throughout the year. Gift Cards from retailers such as Target and Walmart, grocery stores, and gas stations are very much welcomed. Cards can be mailed to our administrative office (address listed below). Please include a note that lets us know this donation came from a Teradata team member.
3. Amazon Wish List – take a look at our Amazon wish list. The items on the list are very generic and may give an idea what our residents need. Of course household items, perfumes, videos, and toys for boys and girls of all ages are appreciated. Please click the button to the right.

Su Casa provides domestic violence services, counseling, and shelter to over 200 victims and their families. Most come to Su Casa from a crisis situation and usually with only the clothes on their backs making gifts at this time more important. This could be the first holiday without the threat of domestic abuse.

Donations or Gift Cards can be mailed to:
Su Casa – Ending Domestic Violence
3750 E. Anaheim Street, suite 100
Long Beach, CA 90804


For more information, please contact:
Dean Lockwood

(760) 218-0018


Click here to make cash donation

Click here to visit our amazon wish list

We Thank You For Supporting Su Casa

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