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Shelter Wish List

Click below for a detailed wish list directly from our families in the shelters.


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Shelter Essentials

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Gift Cards

Gift Cards from retailers such as Target and Walmart, Ross, Marshalls, grocery stores, and gas stations are very much welcomed.

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Your support is appreciated by all the families here at Su Casa.

Donations or Gift Cards can be mailed to:
Su Casa – Ending Domestic Violence
3750 E. Anaheim Street, suite 100
Long Beach, CA 90804



(If you would like to name Su Casa – Ending Domestic Violence in your legacy plans or would like to make a grant through your Donor Advised Fund, please contact Su Casa at (562) 421-6537).

Our Support To Those In Need

Bed Nights Utilized

Hotline Calls

Counseling Sessions

children's counseling sessions

client's through Walk In Resource Center

client's receiving emergency food & clothing

client's receiving Criminal Justice & Social Service advocacy

Years of providing domestic violence services to the community

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