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Su Casa is a healing sanctuary where victims can find their voice, develop inner strength, and become self-directed agents of change in their own lives.

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Providing long term help to those involved in domestic violence

Su Casa is a healing sanctuary where victims can find their voice, develop inner strength, and become self-directed agents of change in their own lives.

Su Casa's Covid 19 Response:
  • The health and safety of our participants, staff, and volunteers is first and foremost 
  • Staff and residents maintain a safe and sanitary living and work space
  • Counseling, Legal Assistance, Medical Appointments, and other appointments are conducted through video conferencing methods
  • Su Casa upgraded the computer network system to enable for greater bandwidth need and the ability for children to attend school virtually
  • New residents are housed in a local cooperating hotel for a quarantine period
  • Personal Protection Equipment is provided to all residents and their children for the safety of the shelter
  • Non essential excursions from the shelter have been discontinued
Our Trauma-Informed approach emanates from these principles:
  • We begin with each person’s strengths and believe that is the starting point for service planning and healing
  • We believe that each person is the expert in his/her own life
  • Staff educates and guides victims in how to become agents of change in their own lives
  • Each person actively participates in developing a service plan that meets his/her unique needs
  • There is mutual accountability for case management and problem-solving
  • Staff is respectful and honest in their communication with those we serve
24 Hour Hotline 562-402-4888

The 24-Hour Hotline provides callers with crisis intervention, safety assessment, and referrals to shelters and community agencies in English and Spanish. Callers in crisis are also able to call and receive confidential domestic violence support from one of our trained hotline representatives.

Emergency Shelter

The Emergency Shelter is a homelike facility where victims and children live for up to 30 days while receiving individual and group counseling, case management, legal and social advocacy, tutoring, art therapy, and children’s services. The shelter provides basic needs for residents at no cost. Trained advocates utilize Trauma Informed practices to work closely with victims and ensure optimum support is received. Victims have the opportunity to receive parenting education and domestic violence education support and learn essential life skills to prepare for the next step in their journey.

Transitional Shelter

Su Casa offers a comprehensive array of services to women, children, and families victimized by domestic violence. Our service continuum empowers and heals victims and improves their financial stability even as it works to eliminate DV through prevention and education. Through a trauma-informed lens, Su Casa tailors its interventions to meet the immediate needs of victims and their families while also equipping them to meet future challenges by providing life skills and vocational training, financial training and more. Families stay in the transitional shelter for 3-12 months while they participate in counseling, life skills, parenting classes, case management, financial literacy and budgeting, and job search assistance. Through the savings program, families save a portion of their monthly income, allowing them to amass sufficient funds to put a deposit down on an apartment of their own.

Community Housing

 Su Casa offers supportive housing services and short-term financial assistance to survivors to help them secure and/or maintain safe, stable and affordable housing as quickly as possible after victimization.  We recognize safe and secure housing as the foundational piece that provides stability and space for individuals and families to begin the healing process with dignity and respect.

Services include: 
Affordable Housing Navigation
Housing Stability Assistance
Landlord & Tenant Rights Education
Life Skills Coaching and Development 

Walk-in Center

The Walk-In Business Center is open during regular business hours and offers general domestic violence information and resources. In addition, anyone in crisis is able to walk in and receive services such as crisis counseling or assistance with finding shelter. In addition, victims can receive assistance with safety planning and the Safe-At-Home application process.

Children’s Program & Teen Program

When children arrive at Su Casa, they are enrolled in a local school so that there is no interruption in their education and social development. There is a children’s specialist who works with parents for their children’s counseling. Children also become involved in art therapy program, A Window Between Worlds, which helps children express emotions through art that may not be able to communicate verbally..

Community Outreach and Education

Community Education and Outreach is offered to promote awareness and prevention of domestic violence.


Community Education and Outreach is offered to promote awareness of gender-based violence and prevent future DV. Presentations are conducted with variety of community agencies and organizations as part of our ongoing violence prevention efforts.

Workshops & Trainings

Su Casa provides trainings for various community agencies, law enforcement, hospitals, social workers, colleges, and community groups in the interest of raising awareness about DV warning signs, types, and safety planning and creating a network of professionals who are sensitive to and aware of the issue and have knowledge of how to help a survivor or aggressor.

Services for LGBTQ

Su Casa provides the same services for all who come to Su Casa for assistance. Counseling, legal assistance, financial literacy, job training, and housing assistance are all available to all residents at Su Casa.

Services for Men

Domestic Violence is not just a women’s issue. Men are effected as well. Su Casa provides the same services for men as all others who come to Su Casa for assistance. Counseling, legal assistance, financial literacy, job training, and housing assistance are all available to all residents at Su Casa.

Latest News & Events

Soroptimist International Lakewood/Long Beach Donation

The Soroptimist International of Lakewood/Long Beach recently made a contribution to support the programs and services provided by Su Casa. The donation took place on April 12 at the Lakewood Celebrates event. The Soroptimist Club made the donation to Su Casa and...

Mary L Madrid & the Madrid Family Foundation

On behalf of the Madrid Family Foundation, Eric Madrid M.D. announced the donation of $20,000 to support the programs and services of Su Casa. The donation was made in honor of Mary Madrid, Dr. Madrid’s grandmother and one of the grass roots organizers of Su Casa...

NFT Creator Donates to Su Casa

Su Casa – Ending Domestic Violence is excited to announce the donation of $54,000 from artist Ulysses Gonzales, better known as Ugonzo in the NFT art world. Gonzales, who grew up in Long Beach, has seen the effects of domestic violence and was drawn to make a donation...

If you want to know what it’s like to survive hell and still come out shining brighter than the sun, just look into the eyes of a woman who has survived intense damage and refused to allow it to destroy her softeness.

- Nikita Gill

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